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Why Travel

Travel makes you humble Travel introduces you to you Travel makes you realise that The planet we live in is truly beautiful!


18 Elephants

The place where my sister lives now is on the foothill of a mountain range. This place is just on the edge of the city and is surrounded by beautiful green forests and (obviously)...


I Could Kill to Live in Adelaide

Yes, the title of this blog exactly expresses my feeling for Adelaide. And I am sure you want to know the “whys” of it. So, here they are: The view from our hotel room....


Sex and Shopping in Siam (now Bangkok)

Suvarnabhumi Airport – Bangkok Sex and shopping – this in general defines a trip to Bangkok for most. For male tourists seeking an outlet of their sexual fantasies, Bangkok is like a heaven on...


The Best Remedy for a Broken Heart

Be it a broken heart or a tired soul, travel is the best cure for all. Take it from someone like me who has travelled 19 countries and 3 continents so far. It always...


Life’s Learnings

Life’s learnings… One lesson at a time… #experience #LifeLessons #fact #inspiredwriting #writing #thought #quote

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Takeaway Lunch

Some conversations make you, well, speechless. Today, I went to the nearby food stall to buy lunch. This is not my first time in that stall. They cook nice oriental food. The food is...

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As Fulfilling As Praying

Have you heard this song? “Ghar se masjid bahut door hai chalo yun kar len, Kisi rote hue bacche ko hansaya jaye.” (Meaning in English: The prayer place is so far away from home,...


Incredibly Funny

I don’t know who made this but I found this incredibly funny! Thanks to my brother Bubu for sharing this with me! Look carefully 🙂