12 Things To Do During Lockdown

If you think about it, this is a surreal time to live. Being locked down at home for a long time due to a pandemic is no fun. However, we can utilise this time to do all those things we have been meaning to do but couldn’t make time. Personally, for me, I had too many “things to do” piled up at home, which were postponed to another time when “I will get a long holiday”. But now, precisely for last 18 days of mandatory stay at home, I have been ticking one task off at a time and it feels great. So, I compiled a list of things that can be done to maximise the benefit of staying at home. Here’s how to stay happily quarantined for the benefit of the entire human race.

  1. Sleep. 

Sleep is a ridiculously underrated activity. Some of us do not get enough sleep all our lives. A long commute to work demanding an early start every day, parents with infants and toddlers, people living with ailing parents are all unavoidable duties we do sacrificing our sleep. But 7 to 8 hours of continuous sleep is important to refresh the body and brain. This is when our body heals itself, reenergises and makes you fully ready for another day. This lockdown, catch up on as much sleep as you want. Give your body the chance to heal and recharge.

  1. Cook

So, you don’t like to cook. Why not bake? Trust me, baking is more fun than cooking regular food. I am saying this from my personal experience during this lockdown. This new-found hobby actually helped me on my birthday which fell right in the middle of the lockdown period. Literally NOBODY came to wish me at home. So, apart from baking two banana cakes just before, I baked a chocolate cake for my birthday. All these cakes came out delicious. I even baked an apple crumble cake a couple of days back. Now, I can proudly say that I can bake my own cake and eat it too. Do experiment with cooking and baking options. Explore with safety in the kitchen and discover your favourite method of cooking. It is a satisfying feeling. Moreover, it also makes you self-reliant during times like this.

  1. Mari Condo-ing your closet

How about getting to the bottom of it when it comes to organising your closet and chest of drawers? You have been thinking of sorting these spaces for quite some time. Get to it now. Take one drawer or one shelf at a time. Think which piece of cloth you wear frequently and which ones you are keeping for “when you lose some weight”. If you have not used one particular piece of cloth for more than six months, throw it or donate to someone. Because, chances are, you are never going to use it anyway. At first it will be difficult to let go of stuff. But believe me, it will feel so good once your spaces are free of clutter. Do the same for your cosmetics, toiletries and personal care products. Clean up the medicine cabinet, check for expiry dates and throw the ones that has outlived its time. 

  1. Move furniture/rearrange

During lockdowns and self-quarantine, if you are living with more than two members of the family, things may get crazy. Arguments, yelling and misunderstanding are strong possibilities. In such situations, do not participate in such conflicts. Just move around a few items of furniture. Swap the sofas or change the direction of the dining table or your bed. This helps in creating freshness at home. It also helps in the movement of chi a.k.a. positive energy. Think out of the box, think comfort and play around this idea. If you do not feel good after this, well, you will be tired enough not to fight with anyone.

  1. Phone a Friend

Yes, literally. Just dial the number of that long-lost friend and ask him/her how is it going there. Touch base with your friend. The entire world is going through this pandemic and we all are going through the same experiences together. So, if you don’t know how to break the ice, this is the most relevant and common topic to talk about. Now that you already have a topic to discuss, just reach out to all your friends who are far away and you have not seen them for a long time.

  1. Read

You used to love reading. You still love to read. But work, chores and responsibilities kept you too busy to sit down and read. Well, an opportunity has presented itself to you, giving you ample time during this lockdown. Use it. Keep an hour or two aside and read. Make it your dedicated “me time” to read. If reading is not possible for some reason, listen to audio books.

  1. Write

There are so many thoughts popping up in our head. The pandemic that we are going through right now will become a major chapter in human history. You will not remember all the feelings and happenings that you are going through right now. How about writing them down even as just pointers? Take a notebook and write down every thought that comes to your mind, every contemplation, every epiphany and every aha-moment related to this phase of your life. This will help you create your own true stories to tell later.

  1. Art

Make art while silently fighting Covid-19 by staying at home. No, do not tell me that you are not creative enough to make art. Art does not mean you have to be Michelangelo and you have to paint or make sculptures. Art is anything that is a product of your creativity. The fact that your soul has manifested you in this world is the proof that you are already creative. Do something that makes you forget the whole world. Attend to the hobby that you have been ignoring. If nothing works, learn gardening, learn to paint by numbers, learn to play an instrument. All these things are possible through YouTube lessons or online classes. Just google your most desired hobby and take a class online. Once all this is over, you will have the satisfaction that you used this downtime effectively.

  1. Entertainment

Oh, what an opportunity it is to catch up on all the series on Netflix and Amazon Prime! Even Indian Television is repeating some of its most popular epic drama series. Netflix is adding time relevant movies and web series too. Plenty to catch up on. Even the children’s channels are full of new additions. Cosy up in the living room whichever way you want and binge watch all you can. There will be no judgement from anyone whatsoever. 

  1. Connect

If during this lockdown you are lucky to be with your family, use this time to connect to each family member. Sit together, share a cup of tea and talk. Listen. Keep the mobile phone aside for couple of hours and try to connect person to person. You will be surprised to know how much you don’t know about the people you live with. Make time to do things together, play indoor games or just chill together. This will also help you create stronger bonds with each other.

  1. Shake up

Long lockdown means longer sitting and lying down. Once the lockdown is lifted, you may feel too lazy to even walk. Because your body becomes slow with limited activities. For that to not happen, keep yourself active. Walk briskly around the house, go to the balcony, terrace, front yard or the playground if you have access to one. Shake yourself up with some activities that will help in your blood circulation. If no option is available of walking around, do some yoga at the comfort of your home. A set of 20 jumping jacks is enough to pump up the blood flow. How about dancing to a peppy number? Just do it. Shake yourself up a little bit. It’s necessary and it will work wonders to your body.

  1. Look within

Social isolation or forced social distancing may not feel good in the long run. It is particularly true if you live alone. With no option of going out and meeting people, calling up people to talk over phone is the only option. However, if you have already exhausted that option, do not lose heart. Sit at a comfortable spot at home and try to meditate. Meditation is not for you? Is it too much? It may feel so at the beginning due to certain misconception. But it is not that hard. Just start with focusing on your breath. Focus on your inhalation and exhalation. Observe where the breath is going inside and how it is coming out. In and out. Look within and observe how the blood rushes through your veins. Try to feel the tingling of your fingers. Inhale and exhale. Observe. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes at first and then gradually increase the time. You will find peace in being with yourself. 

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