Looking forward to a new positive beginning
This thought has been brewing in my mind since the day of the earthquake and the destructive tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011. A few days prior to this, New Zealand suffered a severe earthquake too. Both these events resulted in huge loss of lives and properties. After these two devastating events, I have observed that the only obvious reaction amongst people of different age, size and genre has been “Is this the end” “the end of the world has started”, “2012 predictions are going to be true” and so on and so forth. Till recently, to be precise, till the day of release of the movie 2012 , nobody even thought in these ultimate lines. The movie has had a great impact on peoples’ minds. People are tweeting about these above-mentioned events on twitter and people are expressing their concern/fear/survival strategies on the day when the planet Earth will just crumble and vanish in the vastness of the universe. I could not believe my own eyes when I saw websites dedicated on dreams people dream about 2012 and as how everything is going to end! Are they kidding me? I am disgusted and amused at the same time.
You must have heard of the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I have read the book and have also seen the video made on that book. I totally agree with the formula and I have experienced the effects of visualising in my own life. Hence, my point here is, since many people are actually visualising the end of the world and they believe that it is going to happen in 2012; this way, these people actually want it to happen by asking for it to happen. All the negative and destructive thinking of people around the globe is actually creating the negative event in the same pace it is being imagined, talked about and feared. I believe that if you think of one thing a lot and visualise it in your head/mind repeatedly, you end up having it. My belief is not baseless I know. This belief has been quoted many times in many forms before. Some of these include, “imagination is the life’s coming attractions” and “be careful what you wish for, lest it come true”.
Me at Disneyland Hotel & Resort Hong Kong
Whatever happened in Japan and New Zealand and in India in 2004 were absolute natural phenomena. If you think rationally, it does not predict the end of the world or the beginning of the end of world as well. I really pity those who are so petrified anticipating, contemplating the end of the world or are scared to die. Death is also an absolute natural phenomenon. People will die and that is the only truth, regardless of the 2012 predictions coming to reality or not. So, my point here is, why panic so much and waste our time over something so unimportant? Yes, “unimportant” because even if it was to be true, we, mere human beings cannot do anything about it. So, instead, we can resolve to live a happy and healthy life and think of wonderful things that can happen in the future. Instead of worrying on “can-happen-negatives” we all can dream/visualise about what we wish to happen and want to happen. You would love to know that when right-minded and well-balanced people together in communion and consensus think good and positive, the extremes warned about can be warded off making good things to happen instead.