Acknowledging Eve Teasers

This heading must have raised your eyebrows. Yes, we all hate eve teasers. We feel like slapping them, if we felt safe enough to do so that is. We feel like putting them behind the bars, if there were policemen in the area where we were being teased. But these actions can hardly be taken. We feel disgusted when we are teased and even when we witness someone getting teased.

Getting mad and helpless at the same time doesn’t do any good to us. Negative emotions, as we all know today, secret some harmful hormones in our body leading to the creation of negative energy. Therefore, I decided to see the positive points in the act of eve teasing and about the eve teasers. You know what? To my surprise, I actually found some positive points that made me feel good. Read on and find out:

  • While being teased with words like “moti” (fatso), I know that it’s time I lose some weight.
  • While being teased by a song…I know that I am reminding him of a song… if it’s a good song, like say, “desi girl…..” it’s great. This means, I look like an Indian girl today. If it is a song denoting some of the negative aspects in my , I can work on it.
  • Eve teasers are the most honest commentator of your appearance. Ask your boy friend/hubby/friend, nobody will tell you how fat/ugly/bad you look. Eve teasers make you understand the real picture of you.
  • Above all, I can completely ignore them and make them feel like nobody, even though they work their minds so sincerely to scrutinize my appearance.

Now, tell me, isn’t it great to have eve teasers around. They work hard to comment on us and in return they don’t get anything. All we need to do is, USE THEM to our advantage. Feels great!


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  1. thats something really cool … i havnt ever taken such a positive attitude to such a negative thing .. kudos to you .. i personally believe that there should be a line up of articles that see some positive aspects on the negative things in life .. 🙂