Author: Manashree


Digital India Fail

So many stories to tell. I hardly find time these days to put them on paper or the computer. Recently a few things have been bugging me a lot and I feel helpless that...


The Broom Seller

It was Dhanteras. I went to the market for some customary metal purchase on the occasion of Dhanteras. On my way back, I stopped at the robust Beltola Bazaar to buy vegetables. … I noticed someone shouting on the other side of the vegetable stall.


Rediscovering Writing

I no longer fight against my wishes. I just do as per my calling. I realized that if I just do the things that make me happy every moment, that itself would be enough to make my entire life happy.


The Freedom of Locklessness

It’s been quite sometime since I posted here. It is not that I haven’t been writing. However, I have not been getting time enough to post them. But recently when I came across a...


International Women’s Day Thoughts

Days like the International Women’s Day (IWD), Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, attract some kind of criticism every year. Nevertheless, the Days continue to get observed. I have noticed that the general concept of IWD...



Home – There is more to this word than meets the eye. The general concept of home is the house you grew up in. Then you move to another place for studies or for...


My Father My Pride

I know it’s always the parents who feel proud of their children’s achievements. But I must be the luckiest to feel super proud of my parents. The reasons are endless. Here is a funny...


Fountain of Wealth Singapore

Have you seen Trevi Fountain in Rome? Tourists and local visitors throw coins there to make a wish. However, throwing coins has been barred by the authorities. People throw coins at fountains to make...


My Religion

Did it ever happen to you that an event really annoyed you and you looked up and asked, “Why me?” Even while asking that, deep inside there is a whisper that tells you the...