Finally I managed go and watch the much-hyped (because it was released in PVRs and outside Assam) Assamese movie Baandhon by Jahnu Barua. Thanks to my brother +Hiranya Deka! Here is what I felt about the movie:
  • The first concept of the love and hate relationship between the old couple was refreshing. 
  • Acting by Bishnu Kharghoria, Bina Patangia, Jatin Bora, Zerifa Wahid and others were above ordinary. They are actors in the true sense of the term. Excellent job done! 
  • The feel of the movie was good as well. Good DoP.
  • Excluding the first few minutes of the movie, the entire movie was a desperate attempt to make the audience cry. But none did.  
  • Two absolutely beautiful story ideas got wasted in the movie. The first idea of the small-fights between the couple itself could have made a beautiful movie. 
  • The second idea of their grandson getting killed in the Mumbai blast of November 2011 makes you feel as if it was aiming for an award. But the plot felt stale. Because it is too late to dedicate it to that incident in Mumbai. Yes, it was brutal and heart-aching. But we do not want to be reminded of the pain now. We are trying to move on. 
  • The idea of killing the grandson in the Mumbai blast and the following rona-dhona (excessive crying) made me sick. It was not necessary.
The last Assamese movie I went to watch in a movie hall was Kokadeutar Ghor Juwain. It was fun! Wish I didn’t spoilt my palate by watching Bandhon! Overall, the movie was an emotional atyaachaar (torture)!