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My Kolkata Experiences – The taxi driver who mugged me

View from inside a Kolkata cab Whenever someone mentions about the “streets of Kolkata”, I get reminded of a street full of vehicles and a rhythm-less blasting background music of honking. About 60-70% of...


Rape and India

There is something seriously wrong about some Indian men. It is becoming scarier by the day as more ghastly incidences of rape are coming out in the open. I do not understand why this...



“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”  – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow     Monsoon is an odd time to travel, especially when you have to travel bag...

Indian Independence Day! 0

Indian Independence Day!

On this Indian Independence Day, I visited Visva Bharati University at Shanti Niketan, Bolpur, West Bengal. Enjoyed every moment of it with my group of Sristir Ramdhenu. Sharing here, a very few of the...

Oh So Kolkata! 0

Oh So Kolkata!

These models looked so real, I had to share it with you all. See:  A Rickshaw Puller and His Rickshaw A Horse Man!

Holi – Indian Festival of Colour 0

Holi – Indian Festival of Colour

The festival of Holi falls in the month of Phalgun or Fagun. Phalgun arrives as the curtain raiser of the upcoming Spring that brings in warm days and new life. Spring is the season...

Mile` Sur Mera Tumhara (Old) 0

Mile` Sur Mera Tumhara (Old)

This is one song that makes me emotionally overwhelmed every time I listen to or watch it. So many memories of my childhood become fresh like it was yesterday! The big Television set in...

Incredible India 2

Incredible India

A baul singer of West Bengal I was on my way to Shanti Niketan, in the Inter-City Express to Bolpur. One saffron gown clad man entered the chair car compartment. The thought – “here...

Loving it 0

Loving it

Kolkata is a place that fascinated me since my childhood. No, I would not be able to pin point any one particular reason for this now. Being the closest metro to Assam, I have...

The City of Joy 0

The City of Joy

Looking through a Typical Calcutta or Kolkata Cab In some ways, Kolkata is a nice place to live. Some say, it is a Metropolitan city with a low cost of living. It is true...