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Rediscovering Writing

I no longer fight against my wishes. I just do as per my calling. I realized that if I just do the things that make me happy every moment, that itself would be enough to make my entire life happy.


International Women’s Day Thoughts

Days like the International Women’s Day (IWD), Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, attract some kind of criticism every year. Nevertheless, the Days continue to get observed. I have noticed that the general concept of IWD...



Home – There is more to this word than meets the eye. The general concept of home is the house you grew up in. Then you move to another place for studies or for...


My Religion

Did it ever happen to you that an event really annoyed you and you looked up and asked, “Why me?” Even while asking that, deep inside there is a whisper that tells you the...

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As Fulfilling As Praying

Have you heard this song? “Ghar se masjid bahut door hai chalo yun kar len, Kisi rote hue bacche ko hansaya jaye.” (Meaning in English: The prayer place is so far away from home,...


Incredibly Funny

I don’t know who made this but I found this incredibly funny! Thanks to my brother Bubu for sharing this with me! Look carefully 🙂


A Friend to Hang Out with

I suddenly realised that one of the most prized possessions I have is my sewing machine. It has given me many peaceful creative and relaxing moments in life. Don’t know if it’s the happiness...



“I want to stand with you on a mountain, I want to bathe with you in the sea”, then it continues in my mind, just like a train of thoughts… “I want to lay...



I was about to make a “to do” list for today. I have so much to do for my websites, magazines, household chores and so on…. I thought of doing the chores first so...


Religious Guilt or OCD

Every day is different and that’s how it should be, at least I think so. That way we will always be excited to live every new day anticipating the new! But in reality, this...