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I love – love

  Love is, I agree, crazy. But just like all other fools who waste their time, effort, energy and money on love and on someone they love, I do that too. I love being...


Birthday Gift from Google

Google never stops surprising me! Pleasant surprises of course! First it has given me my own google background. Then, it gave me this (mind the display near the cakes): looked like this on...


Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been really long since I blogged here. I have been missing it. My being absent from the blogosphere doesn’t necessarily mean that I have not been writing at all. To be honest, I...


March :)

The March wind roars  Like a lion in the sky, And makes us shiver As he passes by.   When winds are soft, And the days are warm and clear, Just like a gentle...



This is not the continuation of my Australia travelogue. This I am writing just as a reflection on the month that is passing by. Today is the last day of January and 2012 has...


Lunar Eclipse

Following are some of the pictures I shot today (Dec 10, 2011), during the awesome Lunar Eclipse. The view was phenomenal! Half covered Almost fully covered Clearing up


What’s trending?

  🙂 In an ‘aha moment’, during my evening walk yesterday, I realized how we all have something trending in a particular period of our life. Yes, just like the trending feature of twitter....


The Climb

Today, I suddenly realised how true it is when the wise one said, “Life is a journey”. Yes, I totally agree with that. More so when I realised how we have to move on...