Day 2


The Magic Book says, if you miss a day, restart the practice back from the last three days of the missed day. Well, I missed the second day itself. So, I restarted the practice from Day 1. However, I agree with my friend Nina from Germany that we must read the entire book first, as it needs some preparation before we start the practice. I read about five days last night and I think I am good to go now.The practice of the Day 2 needs you to have a stone to hold on to. A stone that is smooth and cozy to hold inside your hand. Then, at bed time, you must remember the best thing that has happened during the day and express gratitude for the same.

My Magic Stone is a bundle of positivity as it has a nice story behind it. I am going to continue the Day 2 of the practice as long as I can…every single day of my life.