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Children are the most genuine version of the human species. Recently I have started teaching a couple of kids in the evenings. It is not a profit making initiative or anything of that sort. Their mothers who happen to know me in the apartment I live in, requested me to give some time to their kids as they are unable to find any good tutor for their children. My schedule keeps me busy and I often travel. They know about that and I did not hesitate to remind them the same. However, the mothers insisted that I teach them whenever possible. I agreed. 

The kids started coming from the following week. We all took time warming up to each other. I started teaching them in the evenings. After three weeks, I realised, deciding to teach them in the evenings was one of the best decisions I have ever taken in recent times. My evenings were filled up with a productive task and talking to them started to feel like a breath of fresh air. I needed them as much as they needed me. 

The boy attends Mosque every day after school. I was curious what he does there! I asked him. He in the most innocent way ever said to me, he does “dua” there. Meaning, he prays. He showed how he has to kneel down and lean forward and his hands forward side by side and so on. I asked him if he ever asks for something from his Allah. He replied, “Yes, every day. I always do “dua” asking allah to keep my parents well and healthy.” His innocence and his love for his parents touched me deeply. I said “Amen” silently. My heart melted. I wish our childhood innocence wasn’t lost with change in time and circumstances. Wish our lives were that simple. Wish we did not have communalism and discriminations. Wish we all just believed in our respective Gods and believed in the goodness of the world. 

The classes continued until their exams were over. Then I had to stop teaching as I got busier and had a lot to attend to. But I will always treasure those hours spent with the kids. Such sweethearts. Bless them.

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