Experienced Unprofessionalism

These days I am having to work at a client’s office reviewing their work on site. Just want to give you all, one vital information: it SUCKS. The work culture is horrible here. Calling me at 10 am, they all come to office at 11 am. Moreover, half of their working hours, they talk about movie stars, mobile phones and movies. The work takes a complete back seat. Then suddenly they realise it is lunch time. Then it’s an hour long lunch time. After working on the review for an hour, the application I am reviewing crashes, and there is another 1 and half hours of waiting, before they fix the problem. Oh God! How unprofessional they can be! Lucky them (actually, what a pity), they are having secured government jobs and working in the most laid back metro in India, Kolkata. But for me, if I am offered a job in this kind of an office with higher salary, I will not take it. Reason being, I am not a cheater and I want to work in my workplace. It is not an acceptable behaviour for me if someone is just wasting their time doing nothing productive in the
Seeing this government office’s work culture, I know now, why India is not called a developed country yet. I feel sorry.
FYI, I am writing this from my mobile, while waiting for them to fix the problem. 🙂