I love – love

Love is, I agree, crazy. But just like all other fools who waste their time, effort, energy and money on love and on someone they love, I do that too. I love being in love. But wish it was easier to love human beings! One of the worst cons of loving someone too much is that the one you love, when he gets too confident and comfortable of the fact that you love him to no end, starts taking you for granted. Sometimes I feel love is overrated. But still, I love to be in love, or is it the idea of being in love that I love! I wonder!
This Valentine’s Day, I know I am in love, but this love is of a different kind. I am completely in love. I have stopped measuring the exchanges of love. I just love being in love with the one I love. We are together and that’s what matters the most. And guess what? “We go together like a wink and a smile.” Love is infinite. Sometimes, you just don’t say. But love continues.