Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions

I have been following the Live A Better Life in 30 Days Challenge (30DLBL) day by day. My life is tightly scheduled with writing assignments, deadlines, two kinds of classes to attend and a must do regime at the gym. However, when I came across Celestine Chua’s 30DLBL Challenge, I knew I had to do it regardless of the time constraint. It was about living my life to the fullest. I thought of it as an opportunity to improve my life. Hence, I took the plunge.
While doing the task of Day 1-the Life Wheel, I felt as if someone woke me up with a jolt from my slumber. The Life Wheel of Day 1 showed me the imbalance my life had. I am glad I got the insight. (I recommend you to do the life wheel exercise once). Now, I am readying myself to live my life to the fullest by envisioning my ideal life (Task of day 2) and having my Vision Board of (Task of Day 3). Task of Day 3 was fun! 🙂 I always had a picture of what I want, so putting it up on the vision board was easy for me. I used to keep those photographs/magazine cut-outs of my desirables/dreams/destinations inside books. (I have this habit of keeping things inside the books I read, including cash.) But with the vision board, I have them at one place where I can see them every single day! So, my vision board was ready in a jiffy. I feel this vision board is helping me to remain focused on my dreams. The following quotation has inspired me to no end while doing the vision board:
“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” 
~ Albert Einstein
One of my Vision Boards!

Hence, I dared to actually imagine life the way I want it to be. I am glad I am doing this 30DLBL :).

Task of Day 4 required lots of extra reading of Celestine’s blog, but each and every one of it was worth a focused reading. I feel more in sync with myself now. Day 4 was about having your life’s “Mission Statement”. While reading the connected readings on creating your mission statement, I came accross a statement, a question that I needed to ask myself:
If you were to have to do something for the rest of your life, without getting paid a single dime, what would you want that thing to be?

………..and I’ve got my answer. 🙂 More about this later….

Disclaimer: This post had lots of links to the actual 30DLBL website. Unfortunately the website owners have discontinued that programme and removed all its content. Inconvenience regretted.