International Women’s Day Thoughts

Days like the International Women’s Day (IWD), Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, attract some kind of criticism every year. Nevertheless, the Days continue to get observed. I have noticed that the general concept of IWD is that, people must focus on something serious like women empowerment, conference on women entrepreneurship and so on. Is it necessary? We can discuss such things any day of the year. Why today?

What is more important is to let the women in every home have a day completely for them. The men in the house must make it a point to observe that day by giving the most important woman in their life a day to enjoy herself. Free her to do what she loves doing or craves to do but haven’t been able to due to routine responsibilities. Let them have a fun day outside the mundane every day. That way, it will be more remarkable, happy and a memorable day for all involved.

To my sisters, girlfriends and aunts and grandmas, enjoy being women. Enjoy being you. If you can’t do that every day, do it on IWD and make it a yearly thing. No women should give up being girls just because responsibilities weigh them down. Live and embrace being feminine. Embrace being less strong than men (for heavy things, god created men). You do not have to prove anything to anyone.

Take today off from the routine. Enjoy International Women’s Day your way. Skip that boring meeting and get yourself a reflexology massage followed by a pedicure. You will not regret it.

Picture source: Pinterest