Land Slides

In my life, I had never experienced land slide and its effects on people until recently. The only road from the tiny town of Aizawl to its tiny airport Lengpui was blocked due to massive land slides on several places. We had to board our flight to civilisation and knowing that there are landslides on the way, took 2 hours extra to cross the 45 minutes road. However, we were not sure if we could make it to the airport. The moment we reached the first landslide area, I was shocked to see knee deep slush, stone and red mud on the road and the dumpers that were working there. Since we had to go to the airport and there were people crossing the slush on foot, I didn’t want to prove myself as a snob. I decided to cross over that half km area and pulled up my jeans. Since I was wearing a floater, it didn’t require me to open it. I told to ‘myself, if they can, I can too. Take one step at a time’. Finally I did it. Yess, I felt like an adventurer again. Oh whatta feeling of achievement! Since a picture can speak thousand words, I am putting a few picture to let you know how was it. Enjoy and feel it.


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