Law of Attraction

Many a times, I have read, in churches and especially in Christian literatures that if you seek, you will get. However, it was a mere statement for me until I read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
I have read about the power of thoughts and how the frequencies of our thoughts attract what we are thinking about. I was amazed by the book The Secret and wanted to experiment with the “Law of Attraction” that it talks about. 
While discussing the book with my online friends one day, a lot of them suggested that I should watch the movie of the same book. They were so convinced that the movie is much better than the book and I must try it asap. I tried to buy the movie in video stores, online stores and so on. But unfortunately couldn’t get it anywhere. I tried my last hope and tried to get it on hire from BigFlix informed that the DVD of The Secret is not available in India. The online stores had no option of delivering it in India and in most cases the shipping cost was higher than the DVD of the movie itself. I so badly wanted to watch the movie that I kept thinking of ways to get it delivered from abroad through some friends who might be travelling to India soon….and guess what? The law of attraction worked. Of course it took some time, but it did work. A very dear friend of mine gave me a link on the internet where I could watch the movie. Suddenly I had the “aha-moment” of my life! Yes, the law of attraction works.
This, many of my readers may find silly. I do not complain if you do. But again, it’s all about believing honestly. I do believe in the law of attraction.
I started to think about more such instances that had happened in my life, which could be linked with the “Law of Attraction”. I found many. On and off, I am going to share my experiences here on my blog about these experiences where I strongly believe that the “Law of Attraction” worked.

One of the most recent experiences where I think the “Law of Attraction” worked is when I was almost slipping into depressing loneliness. I have always been a people person. Love people around me and I had loads of friends during my college days. But life moved on and for work related transfers, I could hardly make new friends with whom I could hang out for long. In the course of transfers, I had to come to Kolkata. I joined PwC immediately after the transfer. It was one of the most boring workplaces I’ve ever worked in. Being a non-Bengali, I had no friends except my immediate colleagues. I felt terribly lonely. A year and half passed and I assumed, perhaps, I have become incapable of making friends. But the feeling of loneliness was so annoying. I badly wanted to have friends to go out with, hang out with and have fun with. Manashree
One fortunate day, while coming back from office, I saw one glow sign where it was written in Bengali “Haat Barhalei Bondhutta” (Meaning: If you just stretch out your hand, there’s friendship)! That was another of my “aha-moments”. It felt as if it’s a sign from the almighty above! I was woken up from my slumber. Realised, yes, I actually didn’t even try to make friends. I didn’t seek, I just complained to myself of being lonely. That changed my lonely life in Kolkata. I started to open up, meet people, and decided to revive my old friendships outside Kolkata as well. I am pleasantly surprised to see the “Law of Attraction” working here. I changed the pattern of my thoughts from “not having friends, lonely” to “wish I had loads of friends” and this really worked. I have many great friends now who are like minded and great fun to be with. “Law of Attraction” rocks! Just believe!


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  1. I know it works! I read that book a long time back and honestly, found it a tag boring. The central idea of the book should have been 'tweeted' rather than written in a book – you know, how a mantra is just a few lines and it can change your life!
    Keeping aside the repetitions in the book, the law actually works. Everything, in the end, is within us – 'aham bramhasmi' (I am the Bramha).
    Thanks for reminding me Manashree 🙂

  2. Hi Manashree,
    A superb post – written straight from the heart. I must read the book and see the movie too – but I too have experienced the Law of Attraction.
    You write very well and it is a treat to read your blog and of your Foodie and Travel adventures on Twitter.
    All the Best

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  5. This one has come from heart, I can feel it.
    I promised to read what you write. And see, I have read it within one hour of it being posted.
    Laws of Attraction – what do you say.