Living Life with Passion & Gratitude

Passion makes everything possible. The inception of an idea to start my own e-magazine happened way back in 2010. As a full time working Editor of a publishing house then, I didn’t have the time and energy to actually work on my idea. But the way a pregnant woman cannot pretend after a few months of conception, as “it” starts to show; my desire to start an online magazine grew bigger and I couldn’t hide it anymore. Hence, I started the groundwork despite having very little time to spare. The groundwork was what I used to look forward to more than my every day job. I loved my job, but I could realise the difference between love and passion. My passion towards my e-magazine turned out to be stronger than the love for my job. Soon, the day of judgement had arrived. It was time for the expecting mother to take her maternity leave; in my case — it was time to quit my job to pursue my dream, my passion and my belief — my own online travel magazine.

Just the way the doctor is there to help the pregnant woman to go through the entire period of extreme mood swings, crankiness and intolerable nonsenses; I had my web designer for me. During my journey, my web designer cum developer cum counsellor had suffered a lot with me. The calmness he possessed was remarkable. Even members of my family say I am very difficult to handle. The patience the Web Counsellor cum the IT Guy portrayed while handling my eccentricities really needs a mention here. He never gave up on me or my dream even when I made his life extra difficult, particularly when it was time to launch the website online.
Now, my baby is born and I love this motherhood, the peace of having this baby – my own website with an e-magazine. Today I have a complete website with a monthly e-zine called the World Luxury Travel Magazine.
It would not have been possible without my Web Counsellor cum IT Guy – the one stop solution for all things technical. My sincere gratitude to Mr. Pramathesh N. Borkotoky for being the most patient Web Counsellor ever!
During these recent few months, I have been neglecting this blog, not intentionally, but due to the scarcity of time. But I am back to get in touch with myself through this blog. What can be a better way to restart blogging than by conveying my heartfelt gratitude to those who helped me in realising my dream? My sincere gratitude goes to my partner for life Prakash, my father Prahlad, writer Prabha and graphic designer Pranab.
Whoa! Saw the relation here? Everyone’s name starts with “Pra”!


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