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  1. Congratulations, Manashree ! I fully aprove your opinion expressed in The Telegraph. The most important border between human beings is not race, religion but education. Let us be open to the others, they have so much to offer and make us even better as well.Kindest regards & continue publishing. Marc Sprengers / Belgium

  2. why not still while applying for National Level competitive exam like UPSC if u r from NER u would be given 7 or 14 days more as u r from backward area why we have to be treated as backward why cant u make our communication or postal system improvement. we got our independence 60 yrs gone still u want to make us backward and sympathise us by giving 7 days more upgrade ur postal system and give a single closing date. Still we get Grants in Aid and we are happy that 90% is central fund & we dont have to pay back and our politicians are more happier by declaring this and they think it that its their credit by making us backward area funny story