Non Mizo curfew

Have you ever heard of a curfew for Indians in India? Yes, it happens only in Mizoram. In Chak De India, the movie, the Mizo girl who says “apne he desh main apko mehmaan bolnese, aapko keisa lagega?” is exactly what they are doing to the people who come here for work purpose (as in, after being posted here) and who are non Mizo. However, the difference in the scene here is that the Non-Mizos are not treated as “mehmaan” here; they are treated as foreigners (who are wanted only if they are here to give them money) and they call them VAIs.Its true that if the supply of necessary items do not come through India (as they call the rest of the country); these people will simply die after their stock is over. They are eating Central government fund and doing nothing to utilise the fund allotted for the respective work. This is one of the most corrupt government systems available in the country.To all, whoever wants to or unwillingly has to come here: Beware of the strong discrimination towards Non-Mizos, which is visible/prevalent in EVERYTHING.