“I want to stand with you on a mountain, I want to bathe with you in the sea”, then it continues in my mind, just like a train of thoughts… “I want to lay like this forever, until the sky falls down on me…” Wondering what happened to me here? Well, for last few days, I have been noticing that I always wake up to a song, playing in my mind. Yes, this was the song that was playing in my mind when I got up in the morning a few days back and I was wondering why this song!
Getting in touch with my thoughts, I decided to notice if I get up with a song the next day too! And guess what? I did. A song was playing in my mind the next morning as well! It was an old Assamese song. “Ei phool phoolibor botore ahil, ei baa rib rib botah bolil” is not a very common song. But, the song kept playing in my head on and off throughout the day.
Thankfully, it didn’t disturb in my daily work, chores or any normal functioning. I kind of liked it! So, I waited for the next morning’s song. Just to check, if I have one fresh song playing there again. I didn’t! Oh! I panicked! I don’t know why! It shouldn’t bother me, as it had happened just two days and it wasn’t like a habit or something that I can’t do without. It was a Sunday morning. Did I do anything different that had made me miss my song? I assumed it was because I had a late Saturday night and went to sleep way past midnight. 
Monday morning! It returns! The song? Arghhh!!!! It’s a Bollywood dance number – “Life ki naughty kahani, ye halkat jawani…” Gosh! Where that came from on a Monday morning? But secretly, I liked it. At least some song is better than no song. The day continued as a productive one. Today, I woke up to “Mujhe to teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi, Zamaana kahe lat yeh ghalat lag gayi” and the portion with “Mujhe to teri aa aa aa aah yeah, aaa aa aa aah yeah, Aahh aah aa aa Lat lag gayi” was particularly annoying. I think I have to stop watching music channels for a while. I don’t know why I always get stuck with these numbers! I even try to imitate the dance steps when nobody’s watching.
I hope tomorrow, some chanting plays in my mind! After all, that’s the kind of thing that should be playing in the mornings.
What song is playing in your mind now? Think and note the first song that comes to your mind. You are most welcome to share your song in the comments.


3 Responses

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  2. Nice. I can understand because this has happened with me for many years but these days it doesnt happen in the morning rather happens when it is not required (comedy part) like while in talk with someone or in a meeting. There used to be a time, first thing I used to do is listen to music the moment I get up in the morning but days are gone.
    Keep listening coz that will make your mood fresh… 🙂