On being happy :)

Of late, I have been feeling intensely low due to several factors. No, I am not going to discuss any of those factors here. However, after analysing the major reasons of my being unhappy, feeling low and depressed, I found that I am attaching, connecting my happiness to some other people’s attitude, behaviour, treatment towards me and the likes. I wonder why! Suddenly an “aha-moment” struck me hard. Why am I doing this to myself? Again, why?!
In one of the movies of The Princess Diaries series, the butler in the movie, Joe, quotes Anna Eleanor Roosevelt and says, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” The quotation had great impact on me and I recalled it today, just in time.
Yes, it is true. I am letting some people make me unhappy. But, what if I stop doing that? What if I refuse to buy their nonsensical excuses on different issues? What if I simply refuse to be taken for granted? I know I can. Then why on earth I am being such a … wimp! I know I will not lose anything by doing that instead, I will feel much better eventually. I suddenly realised I am losing some invaluable time of my life being unhappy and low.
I remember a little brother of mine saying, “Happiness is an attitude.” I couldn’t agree more. “Happiness is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”, says Wikipedia. Moreover, there is evidence suggesting that people can improve their happiness. Now, I am running out of reasons why I shouldn’t improve mine! That said, from now on, I decide to be happy. 🙂