Reminiscence of a Passion

An aeriel view of the largest river in India, Brahmaputra, in Guwahati, Assam

Gardening is not just a hobby. It’s a passion of the heart. I have been sticking to this passion of mine in wherever I had been to. Gardening in GuwahatiAssam was the easiest, so was growing up :-). The climate there is moderate and very comfortable. The seasons are distinct in their own style. So, the perennial and seasonal flowers bloom their hearts out when it’s their time of the season.

Satmool, a herb creeper in full bloom in my Guwahati home

In Delhi, where I had spent the best and longest professional tenure, had its own charm. The winter in Delhi is simply the best winter I had ever experienced. 
The supply of flowering plants had never been an issue. The perennial, seasonal all satisfy you. I was lucky enough to stay in two houses where both had huge balconies to keep many containers.

Rose Garden, Jubilee Park, Tatanagar

Then, the destined cycle of several movements occurred in my life. Tatanagar in Jamshedpur comes first when I think of the variety that I’ve got for my garden. Having another home in Jamshedpur/Tatanagar definitely helped me in taking my own time in exploring the plant outlets and huge nurseries. It’s a pleasant trip every time. The unusual collection could be due to the proximity of the TATAs with the rest of the world. The collection is very satisfying.

TISCO Nursery

Then came along in my list of places of residence, the beautiful and picturesque hilly terrain in the bordering state of northeastern India, Mizoram. Gardening became a full time job as the climate is erratic and totally unpredictable. 

My Mizoram Garden

5 minutes of sunshine and 5 minutes of downpour and 5 minutes of cloud and endless minutes of strong wind make it difficult to keep several plants I loved to keep. The Gazanias will flower in the morning and when the sunshine goes it winds up its bloom. The Verbena suffered due to the untimely rain. Nasturtium simply gave up. However, I managed to grow a lot.

National Highway 7, on my way to Hyderabad

Then my professional life took me to Hyderabad. A total opposite of the hill station. Hot, dry and a city on stones. Though, this time, I learnt a lot about hardy plants. I learnt about cactus and succulents and I found a lot of plants actually love this kind of climate. Hyderabad also added to my collection of plants.


Now, my present home is in the eastern coastal region of India. Ever since we have come to this coastal area I am learning new things about gardening. However, there is a pre-condition this time. I do not have space to keep a lot of containers. So, in containers, my collection is small that include, curry leaves, coriander, chillies, Aloe Vera, neem, hibiscus, lily, fishtail fern, Sword fern, Tradescantia zebrine, Vinca Victoria or Noyontora, Gardenia and a few more. As mentioned in my previous post, necessity is making me learn about Vertical Gardening. I am into collecting climbers, vines and creepers now. A few common ones are keeping me happy so far. Looking forward to collect some more……