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Fountain of Wealth Singapore

Have you seen Trevi Fountain in Rome? Tourists and local visitors throw coins there to make a wish. However, throwing coins has been barred by the authorities. People throw coins at fountains to make...


My Religion

Did it ever happen to you that an event really annoyed you and you looked up and asked, “Why me?” Even while asking that, deep inside there is a whisper that tells you the...


the other song

What was your immediate thought when you read the name of this blog? Chances are, you thought or assumed that this blog would be on a particular song, right? Interestingly, it isn’t. It’s about...


Living Life with Passion & Gratitude

Passion makes everything possible. The inception of an idea to start my own e-magazine happened way back in 2010. As a full time working Editor of a publishing house then, I didn’t have the...


March :)

The March wind roars  Like a lion in the sky, And makes us shiver As he passes by.   When winds are soft, And the days are warm and clear, Just like a gentle...


The cuckoos are here

Kopou (in Assamese) or Foxtail Orchid Today, I heard the first cuckoo song of the year. Yes, the coo of a cuckoo is like a melodious song to me, filled with deep emotions! I...



This is not the continuation of my Australia travelogue. This I am writing just as a reflection on the month that is passing by. Today is the last day of January and 2012 has...


Love at first sight – Australia

Sydney Opera House Yes, I know it’s been a few days already and it’s high time I wrote about my trip to Down Under. Many of my blog readers, who are also some of...


Lunar Eclipse

Following are some of the pictures I shot today (Dec 10, 2011), during the awesome Lunar Eclipse. The view was phenomenal! Half covered Almost fully covered Clearing up