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The Best Remedy for a Broken Heart

Be it a broken heart or a tired soul, travel is the best cure for all. Take it from someone like me who has travelled 19 countries and 3 continents so far. It always...


Life’s Learnings

Life’s learnings… One lesson at a time… #experience #LifeLessons #fact #inspiredwriting #writing #thought #quote



I was about to make a “to do” list for today. I have so much to do for my websites, magazines, household chores and so on…. I thought of doing the chores first so...


Religious Guilt or OCD

Every day is different and that’s how it should be, at least I think so. That way we will always be excited to live every new day anticipating the new! But in reality, this...


The Boss is Always Right, Right?

I did 😀 It was Sunday. I was about to have lunch. My boss called. He told me to write and send two news reports – one on the flood situation of the Kaziranga...


On being happy :)

    Of late, I have been feeling intensely low due to several factors. No, I am not going to discuss any of those factors here. However, after analysing the major reasons of my...


I love – love

  Love is, I agree, crazy. But just like all other fools who waste their time, effort, energy and money on love and on someone they love, I do that too. I love being...


Veppilaikkatti a.k.a. South Indian Behuwa

Today I made Veppilaikkatti. It’s a South Indian savoury side dish, somewhat similar to behuwa (Assamese dish). But it has a hot and tangy taste to it. It goes well with curd rice or...



Finally I managed go and watch the much-hyped (because it was released in PVRs and outside Assam) Assamese movie Baandhon by Jahnu Barua. Thanks to my brother +Hiranya Deka! Here is what I felt about the...