Thank you Zynga for FarmVille

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  1. Although I never played farmville (or rather i should say I didn't get it!).., I gotta say I luvd the post.. mainly bcoz d way u narrated..purely awesome!! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate Farm ville…..because my wife likes it!!!…and I have to wait to get her attention unless and until she gets her quota of high from Farm ville.I found a poem written by an anonymous disgruntled person like me…here it goes…

    If Farmville was an actual place and I had an air-o-plane
    I’d bomb until not even a trace of anything did remain
    I’d blow the farms to smithereens, everything would be a blur
    And the bigs and littles and the in-betweens of the animals wouldn’t have fur

    Over the gardens I’d swoop real low spraying bullets and DDT
    Then I’d make sure the Farmvillians know it had all been done by me
    I’d write my name up in the sky in letters ten feet long
    Then I’d laugh and away I’d fly whlst singing a jaunty song

    If Farmville was an actual place and I had myself a tank
    Back and forth I’d roar and race till even the silos sank
    I’d squish and squash everything in sight till the town lay in debris
    Then, once again, my name I’d write to claim responsibility

    But now I’d write it with the tread that was underneath my tires
    And the words would glow a brilliant red, as red as the hottest fires
    But I have no tank or air-o-plane, although I can dream and smile
    About Farmville’s smoldering, flattened terrain and be happy for a while

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