The Broom Seller

It was Dhanteras. I went to the market for some customary metal purchase on the occasion of Dhanteras. On my way back, I stopped at the robust Beltola Bazaar to buy vegetables. Beltola is known for its fresh vegetables. While deciding what to buy, I noticed someone shouting on the other side of the vegetable stall. I wondered what was happening there. It was a broom seller who was shouting animatedly. He was offering a discount of Rupees 10 on his brooms on the of the festive occasion of Deepavali. I was amused. 

I completed my purchases at the vegetable sellers and went towards the broom seller. No, I did not require any broom. But his enthusiasm pulled me towards his stall as I wanted to be a part of the festivity he as creating around him. He was shouting and saying that he was offering that huge discount (as per him) just to make everyone’s Diwali happy. A few passers by stopped and bought brooms from him. He continued his enthusiastic yelling even while exchanging money with his customers. His enthusiasm was infectious. 

There were few pop-up stalls around him selling earthen diyas and fairy lights for Diwali. His enthusiasm seemed to have caught up with them as well. Very soon everyone started shouting and offering discounts on their wares for Diwali. 

It was one of the most amusing and inspiring things I have seen recently. Even though it was raining incessantly and the market was not as pumped up as it should be for the upcoming Diwali; the broom sellers enthusiasm despite all odds helped. I realised how everything is about your attitude towards your situation. He could have been sulking as his brooms were damp, the weather was wet and the market footfall was also not up to the mark. But, he decided to make the most of the situation and he actually did. He also lifted the spirits of all the other pop-up stores around him. What an inspiration!