The City of Joy

Looking through a Typical Calcutta or Kolkata Cab

In some ways, Kolkata is a nice place to live. Some say, it is a Metropolitan city with a low cost of living. It is true in some ways, especially when, you are one of the public. There are places where you get cheap ‘everything’. So, if you go there by a public bus, walk the required distance from the bus stand to the market, bargain, buy and come back by bus; yes, it will cost you less than any other way of doing the same. Well, but for me, this has not been the case. Reason being, I do not know most of the places, the bus routes and things like that. Hence I take a cab (actually, I am having to) and travel, which is not so economical. Moreover, the heat and humidity keeps me away from the public buses all the time. Being a coastal city, Kolkata is generally warm, hot and humid during most of the year.

The Only City in India with Trams

The time when we came to Kolkata, it was monsoon. I have never seen monsoon in this fashion. I discovered that the rain just pours down without even a hint of its coming. It made me run to the balcony several times during those days, to collect the dried clothes. However, I enjoyed monsoon in Kolkata. Actually I just loved it.
Then it was time for winter to set in. But, to my surprise, it felt as if winter is never going to happen in here. When Christmas came by, I thanked God as the city cooled down considerably. I have joined work by this time and was shuttling everyday to Salt Lake, one of the most confusingly organized areas of the city, at least for me, till now. Well, I just know the area of my office and the famous City Centre mall. Other than that, if you leave me in any other part of Salt Lake, I would prefer to get myself airlifted rather than finding my way out all by myself.
I know this is too early for me to sum up and make assumptions about this place. I am still in the process of knowing the city. So, I am positive that very soon my discomforts will vanish and I would sail smoothly in the city just like any other Kolkatans here. Then, I will be back here to talk about all my wonderful experiences in this city of joy.