the other song

What was your immediate thought when you read the name of this blog? Chances are, you thought or assumed that this blog would be on a particular song, right? Interestingly, it isn’t. It’s about an international institute of Homoeopathy. Yes, obviously it is different – and that is the reason it finds a  place in my blog.
My best buddy visited this institute and insisted that I must go too for any problem I think I have. I took his advice. I went to visit the institute by taking prior appointment with a specialist Homoeopathic doctor. …and yes, it has touched me just the way a different song would touch or grab my attention. It indeed was like… the other song.
It was a Monday morning. I took a bath and got ready for my early morning appointment. On reaching the building of the International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy, I headed towards the elevators to go to the suggested floor. But a group of 12 girls from a foreign country, a boy and an elderly lady were already in wait.. So, I waited for them to take the lifts first and took the next one.
After the initial formality, I waited to be called by the doctors. While taking this appointment, I was given a questionnaire to be answered at home. I gave back the filled up questionnaire today. I assumed they were reading it. Meanwhile, I saw a tiny bookshelf in the waiting area and it evoked my curiosity. A little browsing later, I picked up a book on acupressure and whoa, was it interesting or what! Such amazing case studies and pressure points! I noted down a few. Wish I could borrow the book or get a copy! Minutes later, I was called for. I went to the chamber and the interrogation began. It started with a very simple, “Tell us about yourself” routine. I obviously won’t/can’t and shouldn’t reveal what happened inside, but in general, it was all about me.
After an hour and half it was over. I came out of the chamber wondering what would be my next to do. I was given some medicine and I returned home. As advised, I took one dose of a powdered medicine and by the time I reached home, I felt absolutely calm. It felt as if, all my anxieties were gone and nothing else mattered in the whole wide world. It was a different experience.
Later I came to know that the girls in the elevators were all trainees and students from Russia who were studying advanced homoeopathy in the institute. There was a reason why the questions were so detailed. The experts believe that the cause of your health concern is in the details. The reason you are allowed to speak is to help you let go of thoughts that were bugging you. Overall, it was an experience to ponder upon. I didn’t have any physical problem as such. I just wanted to experience that consultation as it was highly praised and recommended. I am glad I did.
Now, for some, Homoeopathy equals humbugpathy. For me, it is good if it works for you and it isn’t if it doesn’t work for you. I have seen many people going to Homoeopathy even before contemplating visiting a general physician. For most of them, Homoeopathy itself worked. I have seen parents of new born babies going to Homoeopathy first thinking it is the safest bet for the child. But when there are advocates ridiculing Homoeopathy, their logic also makes me rethink the entire belief system on Homoeopathy. Recently, I asked a doctor friend of mine what was his take on Homoeopathy. He said people should avoid it like the plague. His logic was, to study medical they take years of rigorous studies and practice, whereas a Homoeopathy course can be done through distance education. So, it is not to be even considered for treating anything. I couldn’t agree more. But what happens to all those examples in front of me where Homoeopathy actually worked better. I think this conflict inside me will go on till someone from both the fields of treatments come together and argue in front of me. Till then, with the contentment of that experience in “the other song”, I rest my case.


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  1. Homeopathy do wonders if the doctor is well-experienced. I do pay a visit to Homeopathy doctor before seeing any physician. I've seen a number of people recovering in 2-3 doses of his medicine. I highly appreciate you for writing this! Thank you! 🙂