The Story of Seven Brothers

FYI, it’s just a pic, don’t use as reference 🙂

Have you ever felt lost and undecided while deciding on what to wear to work? The mornings on weekdays for me are like clockwork. The clock decides what I do next and when I get out of the house. So, most of the time, I do not have time to think anything. I run on auto-pilot and do my morning rituals like, brushing, bathing, eating, packing tiffin and getting ready. Now, comes the difficult part – the getting ready part! Deciding on what to wear, used to take me almost 5 to 10 minutes every day. I used to open my closet and go through the shirts/tops and trousers and stare at those getting confused on what to wear for that day. Well, one day I decided to save this clothes-browsing time and started thinking of a solution.

I have an aunt (she used to be my neighbor in Delhi and used to feed me delicious South Indian fare) who now lives in Chennai. She used to tell me that every day of the week has a colour code. According to her, on a particular day, we must wear a particular colour. I remember her saying that astrologically, it helps to have a good day as well. Complicated? Not really. Since I remembered the colours and their respective days, I decided to find my solution of clothes-browsing here. I thought and came up with this poem. I have taken a print out of this poem and stuck it on the inside of the closet door. Here I am, sharing the poem with all of you:
The Story of Seven Brothers
Here is a story of seven brothers,
Six of them were crazy about colours.
Monday is the eldest, who loves to wear white,
As, white seems to make him feel alright.
Wearing the colour red to enjoy,
Tuesday wishes all happiness and joy.
Wednesday is the most productive teen,
Who loves it if you give him the colour green.
Being in the middle of the brothers’ row,
Thursday prefers primary yellow.
Friday is cool and loves the grey,
Blue in any shade means Saturday.
Sunday is the laid-back lazy son,
He seems to be happy with anything on.
Remembering their unique colour choices,
Respectively wear them for sure success!!!