The World is a Better Place

Jim Parsons popularly known as Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory

The world is a better place from today. Yes, the universe has added a few more reasons for me to think the way I do now. It might sound silly for some or most of you, but I am a tad happier than yesterday. Here’s why:

A winner all the way
I found out that Jim Parsons, my favourite TV personality is an Aries (I am an Aries too), having his birthday on March 24 (1973). The icing on the cake is – he is gay and has a steady partner in Todd Spiewak.
You must be wondering why his being gay is the icing on the cake! Well, it’s because, since he will not date a girl, I will not have to be jealous of anyone, and most importantly, no girl will ever be able to break his heart. Yes!
And…. Yet another best part: My favourite US sitcom The Big Bang Theory will run for another three series, the show’s network has confirmed. Yey!
Hope you too find an amazing reason to feel that the world is a better place from today. 🙂
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6 Responses

  1. Ha ha..Nice article..Some times little things gives us more happiness and gives reason to find how better the world iss…

  2. Hello Phuong Le, I did not get your message on facebook. However, today I got your email as well as this comment. Thank you for writing in. I would reply to your mail first thing in the morning. Thank you!

  3. Hi,
    I sent a message across Facebook several days ago and don't know whether you've read and thought about our proposal? Please let me know about your thoughts about it.

    Expect your reply and hope you have a nice week !
    Phuong Le

  4. The Big Bang Theory is my favorite serial and surely the character Sheldon Cooper has a huge fan following. I love the character too. But it would have been nice if Jim Parsons would have dated a girl instead of a guy. "Nothing can be done".