Twitter Killed the Blogger Star

It’s been really long that I have written anything on my blog. But this is not my fault. Trust me. Actually I have been blogging, not on Reflections of course! But, I have been micro-blogging on Believe me, it’s an addiction. And whenever I sulk for not being regular on my real blog, I hum the song… “Video killed the radio star” song with my own lyrics, which is “twitter killed the blogger star!”

Well, enough of excuses already. Day before, I’ve watched the movie Julie & Julia and oh boy, did I get inspired or what! So, Like the young Julie, I have also made a promise to myself to blog every single day of the year. It shouldn’t matter what I write and how long it is. I am going to write every single day of my life now.

I always wanted to be a writer. I actually did become one. But I have always been writing for my employers. However, I did get my by-line when I wrote for the Asian Age, especially when I had to write filler features on special events or occasions or festivals. Yet, the hunger to write is not over yet…I write so many things in my head, but it never reaches a solid ground. But from today, I have decided to write on my blog every single day of the rest of my life and today is the first day of the rest of my life.

So, dear reader, be with me, encourage me, ask me questions and boo me if I don’t stick to my promise. Thank you 🙂


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