What’s trending?

In an ‘aha moment’, during my evening walk yesterday, I realized how we all have something trending in a particular period of our life. Yes, just like the trending feature of twitter. I know you are smiling after reading this first line. But think about it. It is so true! Just ask yourself, what’s trending in your life now? Unless you are laughing at my thought, I am sure you will come out with some trending topics/hash tags that can be termed as trending in your life at this point of time. It can be anything, absolutely anything; the only criteria being, it has to be something that is occupying your mind space for quite some time now.
Trending on twitter today
I asked the question to myself and guess what, I have figured out my current trending topics/hash tags in life. Those are — deadline, December magazine, the new cook, evening walk etc. I may be sounding crazy for some of you who have no idea about what’s trending on twitter or twitter itself. But I was amazed to find out my trends. Then I flash-backed to the time when we shifted to Mumbai and I realized and recalled that my trending topics were absolutely different at that time. Shifting, movers and packers, SristirRamdhenu, Bohagi Bidai were some of the trending topics of my life during that phase of life and I was completely engrossed in these. Whoa! Life!
So, what did I learn from it? To be honest, it relieved a huge weight off of my shoulder. Why? Because I have realized (again) that life moves on and everything, good or bad, is just a phase, a matter of time. Eventually everything moves on. People do too. It’s a good thing. Relieving because you don’t remain stuck in the same situation for life. It changes. Change is good.


4 Responses

  1. #love #heartbreak has been trending for quite sometime here you know … glad your article spoke about the inevitibility of 'moving on' after a while … I hope some new JB kinda trend takes over my life soon 😛

  2. How can this happen?? I am compelled to think these are my own thoughts, so true, so real. I am always having the trends inside, always, but it strikes me while reading you only. superb!!!

    Paran Saikia