Zubeen’s Zindegi Rocks

Zindegi rocks and Zubeen rocks again. Zubeen’s latest Hindi pop album Zindegi is selling like hot cakes in the market and why not? It has all the necessary ingredients of a hit album. The title track “Zindegi” equals spontaneous Zubeen, (this track reminded me of…..remember “Maya”?) Then it has the super melodious sufiana “Jia re jia re” with a melancholy tinge-perfect to listen to it alone and/or with company. “Tu hi tu” and “Pal pal bekal” follows Jia re jia re and Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan and Chitra also does justice to the heart felt lyrics.
The high energy “Nazren karam ho” by Zubeen is bound to make your feet tap wherever you are. On the sixth track Zubeen wants to fly with the Parindaa in “Udte parindon ke” and well, he has got his wish fulfilled as he is flying high already. Chitra’s “Sham dhal jaaye” takes you to the wonderland-better than that of Alice.
“Jia lage na” keeps your Jia singing with the melody of this song. Swing and dance is what you will do once you listen to it.
The remixed version of the title track “Zindegi kahin gum hai” scored more that the “normal” Zindegi in my scale. Love Zubeen’s hummings-anyday, anytime. Alaap did a good job of remixing at his Mumbai workstation. The house remixed version of the “Udte parindon ke” rocks. Remixed by DJ Nawab and my favourite Nikhil Chinappa-the pulpy-MTV VJ.
The earthy Kailash Kher once said that the barambarata (repeated) of words makes a song more melodious. Rightfully proved in this album once again. Zubeen’s pronunciation of Hindi and Urdu words is highly appreciable. The arrangement of the songs is excellent as it keeps you guessing. Zubeen has “locked” the success of this album by going that extra mile in the form of back breaking grass root level marketing. To wind up my review of Zindegi, all I can say is that “Zindegi” rocks and it’s worth every sikka.