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New Year Resolution 0

New Year Resolution

We are finally approaching the end of the year 2010. I am trying to review the passing by year and the feeling is unexplainable! The year 2010 rolled by like a roller coaster ride...

Sorry, Missed it! 0

Sorry, Missed it!

Yesterday, I missed it. I missed a day of blogging. I was tied up with work. No, wait, I actually started three blogs, but couldn’t finish any during the whole of yesterday. I’ve got...

Bhojan Thela – Functionality of Chilli 0

Bhojan Thela – Functionality of Chilli

Today I am having writer’s block. Not able to think anything interesting to write about. Actually I am overworked. So, to keep my promise to myself, that I would blog every single day for...

just trying 1

just trying

I always thought how nice it would be, if I could post blogs to myblog from my mobile phone or e-mail! So, I am trying to do just thatnow.

Life is good again 0

Life is good again

It’s nice to be back to normal people with normal choices, likes and dislikes. Life is good again. I have re-started my balcony garden and I am learning new things everyday. We took a...

Birthday………. 0


The countdown to my birthday begins today. Every year, I make sure that every single member of my family has a wonderful birthday. I arrange the decoration and party etc, with whatever capacity I...

April Fool 0

April Fool

Today is April Fool’s day. But unlike last years…I didnt fool anyone, nor anybody fooled me. Thats because I am in a place where it sucks. Every single hour of every single day sucks...