The Magic Stone

In life, it is amazing how everything has a cute story to tell. I have been sharing stories of my life here – however big or small they are. Today I am going to share another one. It’s about my Magic Stone.
If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you would know that I have started practicing the Magic one day at a time, just as suggested by the author Rhonda Byrne. You already know about Day 1. But I couldn’t quite complete the Day 2. It needed me to have a stone that’s smooth to hold and fits in my fist comfortably. The time I started to practice the book was not really a great time for me. I couldn’t continue the practice for many reasons, including a trip to China. However, the actual reason I couldn’t continue the practice on Day 2 was the absence of a pebble or a stone that fitted the description of the book. Then I went to China for the conference. Practicing the Magic was put in the back burner for now.
The conference went well. I took a post-event tour organized by the Wu Zhen Tourism Board and visited the water town that was so serene that I wanted to spend a few more days there. Anyway, during the walking tour, we were accompanied by the PR representative of the hotel. Jade was a perfect fit for a PR role as she had a very pleasant personality apart from being a people’s person. As we were walking by a landscaped garden path, I saw many white pebbles lying on the lawn. I picked two. Jade asked if I liked pebbles too. The conversation went like this:
I said: I love pebbles. Do you?
Jade: Oh, I love them. Let me pick some too.
We both started collecting some pebbles from the lawn. Then we showed our collection to each other. They were not that great really. Dirty and defective with pores.
Jade: Nah, these are not that good.
Me: Yes, let’s throw them. May be, we’ll get some more on the way.
Jade: (Throwing them back on the lawn) Yes.
We continued our walk along a stoned walkway. There was a stop where people were taken to a tour of one of the hotels in the area. I stayed back at the entrance, as I didn’t want to tour. Jade too stayed back, along with a few more members of the group. There were two huge flower pots at the entrance of the hotel and the soil of the pot was covered with beautiful black and grey pebbles collected from the river. Jade came to me and asked, “Do you still need a pebble?” I replied with an affirmative. She announced, “Okay, nobody sees me now, alright?” I smiled. She went to the pot and slyly picked one pebble and came towards me. She held my right hand and put it on my palm. Then she covered the pebble on my palm with her palm and said, “Here, take it. You have got your pebble.” I thanked her and smiled from ear to ear with thrill. She smiled too. It was such a happy and bonding moment for us.
Now, do you remember, I was not finding a pebble to continue the practice of the Magic book? I found my pebble. Since the pebble has such a sweet story to it, it is more precious for me now. I thank Jade for finding my Magic Stone.


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  1. I love your blogs. Simple,uninhibited,real and so close to the heart. Please don't change….ever.

  2. you carry the magic in your heart i think, that is why even you are not thinking about it, things happen :)) your blog