Loving it

Kolkata is a place that fascinated me since my childhood. No, I would not be able to pin point any one particular reason for this now. Being the closest metro to Assam, I have heard people coming to Kolkata in pursuit of their cultural aspirations, academic goals, career enhancements and so on. I used to feel jealous when my favourite legendary singer Bhupen Hazarika used to stay here during his younger days. I envied Kolkata for keeping Bhupen mama here, of whom the whole of Assam is fan. However, despite this attitude towards Kolkata, (secretly) I wanted to live here too, at least for a few years. I wanted to know, what it is about Kolkata that is so magnetic.
Now I am here. In Kolkata. And you know what? It feels like home. Yes I know, you must be thinking, “whatta girl!”
Well, its not that I had never visited Kolkata before. I did pass through the city and even visited and stayed alone. During those visits, I never felt unsafe and people were good to me. I had a nice time even in the hotels I stayed in. Now that I am here, it feels like I am not away from home. It feels as if I am in the middle of an extended family of my own. I love the way they talk and accommodate outsiders in the city. I have talked about many aspects of Kolkata before. Today, let’s talk about food.
My Office Lunch Spread
Food is like the centre of life here. Bengalis (the people of West Bengal are called Bengalis) love food. They walk food, talk food, think food and most of all, they are very proud of their culinary skills. Bengalis are known for their fondness of fish. Being a vegetarian, I wouldn’t be able to talk much about the variety of fish curries here, but I can definitely talk about the sweet spreads Kolkata has to offer. I enjoyed some of the delicious sweets immediately after moving here (needless to explain the few extra pounds that I am carrying. Yes, yes, I AM working on it now). The rosogolla, malpua, mishti doi, jol bhora, pati chapta, nalen guder shondesh and the list is endless. I will try and update the list as soon as I remember some of the other names of sweets that I had here.