The suckers did it again- Serial Blasts in Assam

Today is the black day in the history of not only, Assam and India but for humanity in general. 18 serial blasts in the crowded market places by unidentified terrorists cannot be justified in any way. I don’t know what to say to whom! The corruption of the Tarun Gogoi government in the state of Assam, the step motherly attitude of the Central government towards the state and the out of way love of Congress towards Bangladeshi immigrants and other illegal immigrants are some of the reasons of this situation in my homeland Assam. Yes we are helpless now, but not for very long. The nonsensical terror traders, just know that we are not cowards like you to stab from the back. We can take you all – head on. Only thieves and cowards do things like you did. It will be better if the concerned understand the intensity of things coming their way. Do not underestimate the peace loving Assamese. We are the sons and daughters of Lachit, Mula Gabhoru and Chilarai.

So far the Bangladeshis are concerned; get back to your country beggars.

For the good for nothing sons of the soil who encourage these kind of terror in their own motherland, you are the worst suckers ever.

The above photograph is by: Anupam Nath


2 Responses

  1. I am so shocked and angry at the same time…dont know what to say or how to say….but one thing is definate ..that our states political cartoons have ruined the state,for the sake of their voters bank..and in return we the common people has faced the burnt.